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Carrièrekeuzes bij Feller: Financial Controller of Business Controller?

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Introduction to the roles at Feller

At Feller, both the Financial Controller and the Business Controller are essential links in our financial consultancy team. Although they are often mentioned in the same breath, they represent unique and essential roles within our organization and that of the client. This article will help you determine which role best suits your skills, personality and career ambitions, and provides an in-depth insight into what each role entails.


The role of a Financial Controller: more than numbers

As a Financial Controller at Feller, you are the linchpin in our financial management. Your role includes accurately preparing financial reports, performing detailed analyses and managing cash flow and liquidity. This role requires a thorough knowledge of financial processes and a strong affinity with numbers. You are responsible for monitoring the financial health of the company and providing reliable data and insights that are essential for strategic decision-making. This role is ideal for those who excel in accuracy, analytical thinking and a structured approach. You are not only an expert, but also a trusted advisor to management.


The role of a Business Controller: strategy and vision for the future

As a Business Controller at Feller, you are a strategic thinker and an influential advisor. You analyze financial data and use these insights to shape the future of the company. This includes developing financial reports, such as business cases and multi-year plans, and performing business economics and scenario analyses. You work closely with various departments to manage budgets and identify potential cost savings. This role is perfect for those who want to combine financial knowledge with strategic thinking, persuasiveness and a proactive attitude. You are not only an analyst, but also a visionary who helps determine the direction of the company.


Skills and Personality: An In-Depth Analysis

The choice between financial and business control at Feller comes down to a combination of skills and personality. A Financial Controller excels in technical finance skills and has an eye for detail, while a Business Controller needs strong communication skills and persuasiveness, as well as a solid financial foundation. These roles require not only different technical skills, but also different personality traits. A Financial Controller is often more introverted and data-oriented, while a Business Controller is more extroverted and focused on relationships and influence.

Growth and Development: A Path of Opportunities at Feller

At Feller, we are committed to the growth and development of our employees. Whether you start as a Financial Controller or a Business Controller, we offer extensive support and development opportunities. We encourage internal growth and role changes, tailored to your personal and professional goals. We offer an environment in which you can grow, learn and shape your career in a way that suits you. At Feller, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills, take on new challenges and make a significant contribution to the company’s success.

Your future at Feller: an important decision

Choosing between a career as a Financial Controller or Business Controller at Feller is a decision that shapes your future path in finance. This choice not only determines your day-to-day work, but also your long-term development and the impact you can have within the company. Whether you choose the role of Financial Controller or Business Controller, you will play a key role in our success and your professional development. This choice is not just a job title; it is a decision about how you want to grow, contribute and develop yourself within our dynamic and innovative organization.

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